Home Medical Equipment Provider of the Year

We’re proud to announce that our team was named Home Medical Equipment Provider of the year for 2021 by HME News.  An independent panel evaluated companies across the US and considered factors including quality control, staffing, financial stability and community involvement. We’re humbled to say that we came out on top.  This honor belongs to our tremendous Stephens Pharmacy/Northeast Med-Equip team, our loyal customers and all of you in our amazing community.  You can train someone to do a job, but you can’t teach them to care – and that’s what each of our team members demonstrates every day.  Through a year of unimaginable challenge, my co-workers doubled-down on their efforts to care for our customers and for each other.  Our goal is simple – help you feel better and live well.  We’ve had many tag lines through our 29 years in business, and they all remain true today, Stephens Pharmacy and Northeast Med-Equip – your front-door to healthcare – where our team specializes in caring and where your health is our ONLY business.

Read the full award announcement here.

Additional information on the FDA website is here

HME Provider of the Year