Simplify My Meds

Medication Compliance

Simplify My Meds!


The Simplify My Meds program allows you to manage the maintenance medications for your entire family: children, spouse, parents, etc.  Synchronizing the refill dates of your prescriptions will eliminate costly and unnecessary trips to the pharmacy.  Let Stephens Pharmacy Simplify YOUR Meds.  Call today for more information about this FREE program.

  • Plan your day
  • Less time waiting, more time to do what you want
  • Save money on unnecessary trips
  • Peace of mind that you didn’t forget a refill


Medication Compliance Packaging

Stephens Pharmacy provides special packaging for those who require their medications to be organized by dose according to the time of day and the day of the week. This is especially helpful for seniors or those taking multiple medications and is useful to patients and caregivers alike. Studies have shown that patients with packaged dose medications are more likely to take their prescribed medications as directed.  Ask any of our dedicated staff about medication compliance packaging.Compliance packaging at Stephens Pharmacy

Stephens Pharmacy provides packaged medications for in-patient facilities including personal and extended care. Blister packs are prepared and properly labeled per patient. These facilities are also provided with daily delivery and patient MAR summaries on a monthly basis

Simplify My Meds F.A.Q.

Is there a charge or a contract? No
What types of prescriptions does this work for? Routine/everyday and maintenance medications
What do I need to get started? Just your list of medications
Do you handle prescriptions not currently with Stephens? No, but we can easily transfer them to Stephens Pharmacy.  We handle all the transfer details for you
Do my emergency prescriptions fall under this plan? No, they are filled as needed and are managed independent of the Simplify My Meds® program
Do you have to be enrolled in Medicare to participate? No, anyone with routine and everyday medications is eligible to participate
Are the details of my prescription synchronization available online?  No, but our current online program is a good summary of your prescription list.
Who will you speak to on my behalf? We will speak to prescribing doctors, authorized family members and caregivers in order to gather the necessary information
How does the Simplify My Meds® program benefit me?
  •   One less thing to worry about
  • Refill details are handled by us, including the insurance deadlines, authorizations and guidelines
  • No more missed doses because of refill delays
  • All of your refills are synchronized to one date each month so you can plan your visit to Stephens Pharmacy
How do I enroll? Call us and mention your interest in the Simplify My Meds Program®
How often will we communicate? We are required to speak once each month but pharmacists are available for consultation everyday.