PharmaSmart at Stephens Pharmacy

Stephens Pharmacy offers the PharmaSmart program to provide the tools to help you track your blood pressure over time, and accurately report your blood pressure results to your healthcare provider. Our qualified pharmacists can also help you interpret your blood pressure results and provide valuable consultations between your regular doctor visits.   No purchase is necessary to obtain a single reading.PharmaSmart Blood Pressure Kiosk

Small changes in blood pressure can make a significant change in life expectancy, so it is important for you to know your blood pressure, and keep it controlled.  Ask about our PharmaSmart kiosk and Smart Card program.

Purchase the Smart Card and get expanded access to your blood pressure history, create a secure online account and share the results with your physician.

Smart Card for PharmaSmart

If you already have your Smart Card – click here to login or create your Blood Pressure Tracker profile.


BP Tracker Account Access