Mobile Prescription Refills

Rx2Go Mobile Prescription Refill AppRx 2 Go is a free application that helps connect you to your hometown independent Stephens Pharmacy.
Use the pharmacy search feature to find Stephens Pharmacy and set it as your primary pharmacy. Once you have done that, you will be able to submit refill requests directly from your iPhone or Android Rx2Go at Stephens PharmacyDevice.
Additionally, Stephens Pharmacy has an online interface that offers even more features than the app.  Sign up for your online account now!  Refill requests submitted using the Rx 2 Go app or through the internet refill portal appear directly on our pharmacy computer screen!


Rx2Go at Stephens Pharmacy

*Submit a refill request using the prescription number and patient last name.
*Receive an immediate response confirming the validity of the prescription number.

Completed refill availability varies and must be picked up in store.

Rx 2 Go Mobile App F.A.Q.

From where can I download the mobile app? Android Smartphone users can download from Google Play. iPhone Smartphone users can download from the App Store.
How much does Rx2Go cost? Stephens Pharmacy will not charge you a fee when you utilize our Rx2Go service, however, Message and Data Rates may apply through your wireless carrier if you choose the text or e-mail alert services. Please make sure you understand the terms of your mobile agreement before taking advantage of these services.
I have an online Rx Refill Account .            I have downloaded the mobile app, now what do I do?
  • Choose Stephens Pharmacy as your preferred pharmacy
  • Select “Pharmacy Detail”
    Choose either “Find Pharmacy with GPS” or “Find Pharmacy by Zip Code”
    Choose Stephens Pharmacy from the list of available choices
  • Save as a Favorite
  • Select “My Profile” and choose to Login with your account credentials
I do NOT have an online Rx Refill Account .  I have downloaded the mobile app, now what do I do? You may choose to “Create Account” through the Rx2Go mobile app
If you are creating a new account, our pharmacy will process your request and notify you of successful account creation via e-mail within 1 business day.  Please note that Sunday is not a business day.Or use this new account enrollment website link
How do I submit my refills once my online account is created? Scan Rx bottle:
Use the smartphone camera and align the Rx barcode between the guidelines on the screen.
The camera will automatically capture the image once you have it positioned correctly and you will hear a soft “ding” upon successful image captureType Rx Number:
Follow the instructions on your smartphone screenSubmit:
Attach any specific notes or instructions with your refill request
Then choose Pickup or Deliver* as your method to collect your Rx*Delivery options are currently available to our housebound customers
What if I lose possession of my phone? Please contact your service carrier immediately and notify them you have lost possession of your phone.  Please login to your online Stephens Pharmacy Rx account via a computer and change your account password

Please contact Stephens Pharmacy Customer Service

Generally recommended precautions: Password protect your smartphone
Close the Rx2Go app whenever you are done using itDisable the “Remember Me” option on the login screen of the app